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STOP using your inhaler!!

Cordyceps deserves much attention, it is one of the most-valued health mushrooms, which is a very well-known and important element of Chinese medicine.

Cordycep is enriched with nutrients that contain an anti-cancer agent, is a natural sedative, antidepressant, and is also a precursor to the blood for patients with anemia. It is also well known as a guardian of the kidneys and lungs.

Used by athletes as a natural doping, and by people with respiratory difficulties.

📌 increases strength and endurance of the body.

📌 improves the function of the lungs and kidneys.

📌 reduces phlegm

📌 great for coughing.

📌 adjusts blood pressure.

📌 natural depression that allows a more restful sleep.

📌 natural anti-cancer agent

📌 helpful in male sexual potency and female vitality

📌 adjust sugar in the blood - It improves the functions of the pancreas

📌 improves the mood

📌 increases the absorption of other nutrients.

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