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Morinzhi is a nutritious drink of herbs Morinda citrifolia (the well-known Noni fruit) enriched with Rossele (tropical plant).

Morinda citrifolia (Noni) has traditionally been used by peoples in the South Pacific region. Characteristic of Noni juice is the high content of enzymes, as well as the whole series of Iridoids which are very useful for the body.


Health Benefits of Morinzhi Juice There are a wealth of health benefits that may be associated with Morinzhi Juice, including: -Anti-Aging -Arthritis -Depression -Fatigue -Immune Deficiency -Post Surgery Healing -Sports Injuries


Morinzhi juice, also called Noni juice, is full of nutritional elements with great health benefits. Morinzhi juice, an all natural drink derived from the Noni fruit, is packed with all sorts of nutrients. In fact, it has more than 150 active nutritional elements that may help you to achieve and maintain radiant good health and vitality.


Key Features

  • Strengthens immune system.
  • Effective against cancer.
  • Helps in any cardiac problems, including hypertension.
  • Maintains cholesterol level.
  • Boosts brain functions and helps in diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Helps to improve memory.
  • Relieves from Body Pains , esp. Arthritis, body pains, menstrual cramps
  • Improves Digestive systems.
  • Helps in abdominal disorders, colon problems, piles
  • Strengthens ‘Natural Immune system’. Prevents infections.
  • Effective ‘Anti- Oxidant’: Stress reliever. ‘Anti-ageing’ supporter.
  • Helps in ‘Obesity’ reduction; Burns-out the excess flab.


Mix 20-30ml of Morinzhi Juice in a cup of warm water and consume daily.

DXN Morinzhi Juice - Organic Health Drink - 285ml

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